Cobra Vehicle Security

Web Design & Development

Cobra UK is one of our founding clients and is a leader in the provision of security, safety and telematics solutions for the automotive and insurance industries. 

Back in 2009 we took the plunge and built our first Umbraco site for Cobra. The site is primarily a B2B information site and has been expanded as Cobra have grown their business from vehicle alarms and vehicle tracking to a more diversified telematics offering with vehicle insurance.

Last year we developed the dealer portal which integrates Cobra's in-house financial system with the full product catelogue allowing dealers to order online via the web or their smartphone. Payment can be via their existign credit facilites or via credit card payments.

The next phase of the project will be to integrate subscription renewals for customers and update the main website so that it will be a responsive site allowing it to be optiomised for mobile viewing.

Cobra.jpg Cobra Dealer.jpg

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