3D design and planning tool integrated into Magento eCommerce

3D design and planning tool integrated into Magento eCommerce



Klickdigital is working with Delph Kitchens Direct https://delphkitchensdirect.co.uk on the development of a state of the art 3D room planner/visualiser encompassing proprietary integration with Magento ecommerce management services to provide customers with a fully-immersive kitchen designer experience.


The customer will be able to add their own personal touch and to create their dream kitchen using the 3D planner.


The 3D element will give a more visual effect enabling the customer to vividly see their creation before Delph Kitchens Direct make it a reality.


Stage 1 of the eCommerce platform has been deployed https://delphkitchensdirect.co.uk/planner 


Delph Kitchens Direct is an online kitchen company and will have two showrooms, one in the West Midlands and one in Glasgow - both opened in September. The company is based on the successful Black Country Kitchens company which has been designing and installing kitchens in the West Midlands and Birmingham areas for the past 15 years.




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